Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blogspot or Wordpress

I've been blogging here on Blogspot for a while now and find it to be enjoyable, interesting, cathartic and a good place to "pen" my thoughts when the urge strikes.  The one thing I don't think I have is many people who follow me or read what I write.  I'm not very good at getting traffic here and I can't seem to get people who do read my blog posts to comment on them.  Some let me know in other ways but I would prefer that they leave a comment here.

I have some friends who write their blogs on Wordpress so I went to that site to check it out.  I created a blog there with the same name as this one but I think I created it too quickly without checking out what it was offering.  So, I've written four posts and each is automatically posted on my Twitter account.  The free site doesn't offer much in the way of design, font selection, colors, set-up or ease.  I was able to apply one of my own photos at the top but that was pretty much the only thing I could do to make it my own.  However, for a price they offer several options............ most of which are offered free here at Blogspot.

So, since my mom did NOT give birth to a complete idiot, I think I'll be sticking with Blogspot and writing here most often.  Maybe once in a while I'll return to Wordpress........ or I might just delete that blog altogether.  Don't know yet.

But, if you're reading this please make a comment at the bottom.  Look people, do I have to beg????? Here's a lovely bouquet.  Will that help?

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  1. Reisa, I think the reason you don't get any posts is that your entire blog appears as an email. When one gets to the bottom of the email, there is no place to post a comment. One must click on the words "Blogspot or WordPress" act the top of your email to actually get to the blog page where, indeed, there is a place for comments. Perhaps there needs to be instructions to alert folks of that. Linda