Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let the "Games" Continue - NOT

The primaries are over and the usual suspects are in place.  Now the "games" begin in earnest.  The "games" are especially heinous here in Arizona.  This state is populated, politically, by closed-minded, bigoted, misogynistic, racist, money-grubbing, idiots who have Masters Degrees in Hatred! (read Republicans/Teabaggers.) They also have rings through their noses, to be led around by the Kochs and their minions; the Goldwater Institute made up of a cartel of right wing nut jobs who stick their noses up everybody's asses; and ALEC - that bastion of secrecy filled with self-serving global corporations and state legislators who conspire to rewrite laws to suit their needs and screw the local electorate.

During the primary 'season' all political ads I saw were full of nothing but crass, misleading, nasty, disgusting information which usually was untrue, shady, and full of non-information.  Those who mentioned what they would do for the state put forth ideas that never could possibly be implemented, mainly because those ideas were so far-fetched as to be laughable.  But, they were filled with buzz words, those words that prick the minds of the mindless, those sound bites the unintelligent throw around as if they know what they're taking about.

We will be bombarded with this gd-awful drivel for the next two months through TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, awful signs popping up everywhere like poisonous weeds on every street corner.  The few cogent and intelligent candidates who are running can only hope they will be heard amid the crap that will be spewed from every direction (read Republicans/Teabaggers.)

And the voices of the women, the elderly, the poor, the children, the Hispanics, the Blacks, the Native Americans, the workers, the 98%, those who are LGBT and the Dreamers will not be heard unless they start screaming louder than those (read the 1%) who want to wrest our democracy right out from under us.

This is a pathetic state of affairs.  It is way past time for Progressive Liberal Democrats and Independents to take a stand, say "ENOUGH" and make sure they get the hell out and vote the regressive and repressive Republicans out on their asses.

Arizona is a gorgeous state.  It would be perfect, except for the politics.  It's time to complete the perfection and make Arizona BLUE!

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  1. Get out the red pen…
    As I began reading your blog, my first thought was… Now here is a woman who finds it difficult to express herself. Then I goggled the word misogynistic to see if my brain served me well… did not.
    Then I recalled why I like you so much. One of the reasons I admire you and call you friend is because you tell it like it is. Fortunately, you are a well informed citizen who knows what is going on. You are becoming a lost generation.
    I am not looking forward to the bombardment of the “gd-awful drivel” either.
    By the time I reached the “pathetic state of affairs” Arizona came off my list of places to retire.
    After finishing your blog, I thought you should write for the President so he would have someone thoughtfully expressing the bullshit in the political arena. I think you have expressed the outrage that many of us feel about the pathetic state of affairs in our country.