Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sometimes, it's not good to be nice

Sometimes, it's just not good to be nice or all positive or upbeat. Republicans have been running ads here in Arizona that are full of outright lies, are really childish, attack opponents with innuendo, accuse opponents of things the GOP has done themselves, etc.  And to be upfront, Democrats have done some attack ads, too, but the majority of the attack ads are run by the GOP and funded by tons of money from outside the state, the "dark money whores," those who do the bribing.

What I'm referring to are the ads that make no sense, pairing the candidate with issues that have nothing to do with the workings of the office.  The blatant lies, the mudslinging, the amount of ads.... all make me sick.  Thank goodness for the mute button.

The few positive ads I've seen have been run by Democrats.  They consist of telling the viewer what the candidate believes, why the candidate believes it, what the candidate has done about the issues and what the candidate will do for the people on the issues.  Not a word about their opponents.

The nasty ads have taken over the airwaves so much that I'm at the point where I'd like to see Democrats come out swinging and pointing with both barrels.  But, alas, we're not that nasty.  We've been brought up right.  We have more compassion, we embrace everyone, we look out for "the people," we try to do what's right for all our citizens, not just the rich, the White and the powerful.  We're just not cut out to do "slash and slice" like the GOP does.

But sometime down the road, the GOP will pay dearly for their contempt for "others." And when they do, I'll be cheering, laughing and dancing, even though it might seem that I'd be stomping on their graves.  It can't happen fast enough for me and the majority of my fellow citizens..... the 98%.

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