Monday, November 3, 2014

So, what to do after the election...

If my "prayers," pleas, entreaties, begging, beseeching, imploring, requesting, demands, and appeals don't work and somehow  the *********** GOP/TP gets the upper hand (by stealing the election), I and most of the liberals I know (and I know A LOT)  will sit back (only for a while) and watch the dismantling of our democracy.

And when that happens, we will watch the other GOP/TP members (read the stupid people of the GOP/TP who are not in the 1%) gasp when their roads and bridges fall completely apart; their water is so contaminated they cannot drink it (starting already); they lose the health insurance they just got through the ACA and again have to come up with money to pay for pre-existing conditions on their own; they can't find jobs because they're all overseas; their schools teach nothing that will enable them to get to college because they don't teach anything of substance (just religious crap); there is no money to provide educational materials in the classroom; there is no help when a natural disaster hits; there will be no workers' compensation when they get hurt on the job because they can't afford a lawyer to fight for them and the company they worked for will screw them; their children will be even more at risk of being shot and killed because of the NRA; veterans, the homeless, the poor, seniors, Latinos and Blacks will continue getting even more screwed .............  Ah, you get the idea.

Then we'll watch them begin to complain that they're not getting the services they expect; their social security has gone down the drain because it's been privatized; their Constitutional rights have been eroded and they realize this country has become not only an oligarchy but in many areas, a police state and they have become the lowly peons while the GOP 1% holds all the wealth and the power.

If this happens, there will be a revolution, a rebellion, an uprising, an insurgency and perhaps a coup d'état because too many of us are tired of the lies, the stupidity, the craziness, the unbelievable hatred and greed that is the hallmark of the GOP. And if the light bulb finally lights up the "brains" of those GOP nuts who voted against their own interests, maybe their anger will help bring down the rich, haughty shmucks who think their money should be able to buy them a government.

I would look forward to the demise of the GOP/TP for they are the biggest scourge of humanity in this country.

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