Friday, March 4, 2022

Music brings me back to a time....

I listen to the current music used for a commercial (the theme from CHEERS) and I practically choke on tears because it brings me back to a time when life was good and a lot happier. I'm transported back to the time we spent in Boston and Cambridge during Warren's law school years before we were married and I marvel at the wonderfully funny and crazy things we used to do then. Enjoying going to coffee houses, listening to folk singers, walking through Harvard Square with friends, law school dorm parties. And sometimes, on a Saturday night, me just sitting in his dorm room reading while he studied with music on low in the background. What an insanely happy time that was.

But then, we did a lot of funny and crazy things throughout our lives together.  We toured the west for thirty days one summer, courtesy of the Air Force which allowed its officers thirty days of leave each year. So, during the trip, in one of the national parks, I fell into a mud hole up to my knees while I was running to get a photo of a moose! (I got the photo!) I managed to get the attention of a bear who was begging for bread. As he loped over to me, I had to scramble to get into the car and away from his reach! Warren was calmly sitting in the car, doubled over with laughter.  We drove through the Wawona Tree, the famous giant Sequoia in Yosemite, the summer before it fell in February of 1969 from an overload of snow. And on this trip we found out that deer and chipmunks love Cheez-its. 

When I hear music from that time, the 60's, and the memories come flooding back, I smile and my heart soars because I'm right back there, enjoying all the love and happiness again. Memories like that are wonderful things because they soothe an aching heart. And I will be forever grateful that we made so many of them filled with love and giggles.

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  1. I can picture you and Warren during these blissful, carefree days! How blessed you both were to have each other. I am so touched by your writing. <3

  2. Thank you, Joanie. We did, indeed, have something special.