Friday, December 31, 2021

So, continuing that Dash..........

We made it to the end of the line that was created for us as a couple. But I still feel that the line should have been much, much longer because we had plans for when we entered our doddering old age! I'm getting closer to the end of that Dash I wrote about so long ago in August of 2016.

As I reflect on the time I've lived through since my beloved Warren died, I'm acutely aware of all the things we didn't get a chance to do, the places we didn't get a chance to go, the experiences we didn't get a chance to have. We had plans. BUT..........

I also reflect on the kind of life we were able to live: the places we lived, some courtesy of the US Air Force and the sightseeing we did during those years with the accompanying beautiful memories. We really had an extraordinary life. We lived at 16 different addresses in six states. And in each state we had adventures. We've been to thirty-four states in our travels. We've been to Mexico, Canada and Bermuda. And, damn, we had FUN!

Recently, though, as I was driving, an intense feeling of wanting to go home washed over me. But all I could think of was where's home? Where would I go? Images of cities we've lived in raced through my mind's eye like a film strip running through a camera. Where I currently live is just a house, it's not the home it once was. A home is where the people you love dwell - with you. A home is where you get to hug  and kiss those you love. A home is not the things in it. It's the people and pets who live there. The home I remember is fading little by little but I still have Snuggles to hug and kiss and Abbott and Ethan when they're able to grace this house with their presence. For now, that and my sweet memories have to suffice.

So, as I live in this house that we established here to be near to our boys, and while I'm walking along that Dash of a road with its end in what I hope will be a very far distance, I keep reminding myself that we had the best of lives together, the best of life's experiences and the best of what  LOVE has to offer. And while I walk along that road called DASH, I won't be alone. My beloved Warren is walking with me, right by my side, his arm around my shoulder or his hand strongly holding mine, just as he always did, just as he always will. I love you, my beloved, my darling Warren, just as I always have, just as I always will.

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