Thursday, January 7, 2010


I went on a job interview yesterday.  I haven't participated in one for decades, it seems.  But the position to be filled looked like a very good fit and I would be able to utilize my experience as a teacher, news anchor/reporter, talk show host and skills working at a legal office.  What could be better than that?

But, times have changed and job interviewing has become somewhat of a "blood sport," considering the state of the economy and the job market in general.  So, the days after I sent in my resume and cover letter and leading right up to the day of the interview, I experienced a growing sense of anxiety which contributed to headaches and stomach aches.  I started muttering to myself:  "I can't do this."  "I must do this."  "What's the big deal?"  "Will there be trick questions?"  "Do I know enough about the 'company'?"  "Will I start babbling?"

My husband, on the other hand, thought my anxiety was funny, he of the very cool and laid-back persona.  Nothing bothers him, he is the exact opposite of me most of the time.  He has been on several informational interviews recently and kept assuring me that I would do well, that I would not be the verbal 'klotz' I thought I would be and to relax and just have a nice conversation.

So, okay, the stomach pains during the night before the interview were awful.  But the day and time were looming and there was no way to wiggle out of this one.  On the drive in I babbled like the proverbial brook.  Best to get it all out beforehand.  I was early for my appointment ( always a good thing) and was greeted warmly by the interviewer.

The interview went REALLY well.  We, indeed, had a very nice, easy-going, unhurried conversation about the position and I was able to offer several ideas during the discussion.  I left that office feeling pretty damn good about myself.  Even if I don't end up getting the position, it was a great experience, leaving me with quite a bit of optimism and confidence .... and THAT made it all worthwhile.

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