Friday, January 1, 2010


It seemed like a plan. We went to a party last night, about 25 miles from our house, with the thought of going for a few hours and leaving by around 9:15 or so. It was a great time, meeting new people, lively and interesting conversation, great background music and wonderful food to snack on. But, not wanting to be out on the roads with those who imbibe too much, we were back in the car heading home by 9:20 with me driving, as I always do.

We got off the freeway and stopped at the traffic light at the intersection. No sooner had I stopped than a loud crash and a hardy shove sent my vehicle into the lane of oncoming traffic. Before I could even register what happened, my husband was out of the car and running back to the rear of our car to see who crashed into us. Immediately, a good Samaritan appeared at my window and told me he used to work for the PD, he asked if I was okay, told me to immediately dial 911, took my phone and spoke to the 911 operator, requesting police and EMT help immediately. He gave my phone back so I could continue the call while he directed traffic away from our car. In what appeared to be just seconds, we had the police, fire and EMT vehicles descend on us. Within minutes we were checked out for injuries (there were no major ones, just some aches and pains), accident information was taken, paperwork done and handed out and we were sent on our way back home. The efficiency, promptness and courteousness shown to us by all the responders was amazing and so much appreciated.

Thankfully, our rear bumper was only slightly damaged but I can't say as much for the car that hit us. The Hundai was totaled. It appears the young man, driving with his mom, was going a little too fast and driving a little too close when his brakes locked up. There were no major injuries with them, either, thank goodness.

And the good Samaritan? He drove off before we could thank him for his help.

So, what does this episode mean? It means we have left the old year (and decade) with a nasty memory but we're starting the new one with a clean slate. Let's hope it stays that way. And, we're not leaving the house on a New Years eve again unless it's to walk to somewhere in the neighborhood!


  1. How scary!!! And yes, the message is clear...gone is the nasty, awaiting you is the good, happy, safe and healthy!!!

  2. Oh my god! I am so glad you are okay. If you need a ride somewhere, let me know. Happy to help out. I am always in awe of the goodness in people, and their willingness to help without any conditions.
    Glad someone, or angel was with you.