Thursday, January 21, 2010


Two Letters to the Editor in today's Arizona Republic fleshed out what really happened in Massachusetts.  It was not a Republican "win."  As one writer explained, this was not a game with winners and losers.  It was a call for moderation, for moving away from extremes, for deciding on issues not based on special deals, strengthening or weakening one side or the other.  It was a call for legislation that benefits WE, THE PEOPLE, not one party or the other.  Unfortunately, Congress is currently made up of politicians who have lost sight of who should really be in power, the citizens of this country.

The Democratic loss is more a reflection on a very miserable candidate, Martha Coakley. She was a lousy campaigner, an indifferent, cold, ineffective and uninspiring candidate.  A fairly liberal nominee in a liberal state, she offered no fire, only blandness.  Massachusetts voters deserved more.  When the liberal voters in the state realize what they got, they will seek an individual who better epitomizes what Ted Kennedy stood for and will back that contender with their votes.

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