Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where is the humanity???

Humanity:  philanthropy, kindness, consideration, sympathy, benevolence, charity, goodness, generosity, tolerance, compassion, humaneness.

Every day I am amazed at the craziness I read about in the paper, on the Internet or hear on TV.  I just can't wrap my mind round the fact that the Arizona House of Representatives gave approval for a $5 million appropriation to the sheriff  of Pinal County for border security supplies.  And they just cannot find $1.4 million to fund life-saving transplants for the 30 or so patients on a list here in Arizona.  Democrats in the House tried to divert the funds to that coverage but the Republican-controlled House rejected it, thus insuring that these patients got further along on their road to death!

I scratch my head in complete bewilderment at their total lack of humanity.  It leads me to want to hope that someone in their families will need a transplant.  But, then again, their insurance, paid for by Arizona taxpayers, fund their transplants!

Where is the humanity?

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