Thursday, March 3, 2011


Republicans:  give tax breaks to big corporations who are stinking with money;

gut collective bargaining for public employees like teachers, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, thereby cutting their salaries to near poverty levels in this economy;

defund Planned Parenthood so more women will be forced to get back alley abortions, be denied pre-natal care or screening for breast and cervical cancer, men won't be able to get screened for testicular cancer, testing and treatment for stds;  no menopause treatments or vasectomies;

cut off poor people from health care in the hopes that they die off;

gut the EPA so corporations can pollute and kill the environment, thus killing people;

allow everyone to have guns without background checks so lunatics can have a field day shooting anyone they don't like;

pass laws making everyone who isn't a white Christian carry papers with them to prove they are citizens; and make doctors, teachers, grocery clerks, store owners etc, have to ask for those papers before providing any services to anyone;

get rid of Hispanics, the poor, the young, the old;

gut funding for education, health care, Medicare; PBS,

In effect, Republicans (white, Christian assholes) want to cleanse the United States of everyone who does not agree with their backward, religiously intolerant, money-grabbing agenda.

Where the f@#$k did these sons of bitches come from?  A pox on all their mothers for ever giving birth to so many freaks.

They are super stupid, creepy,  crooks, morons, repugnant, morally corrupt, repulsive, loathsome, vile, offensive, appalling and atrocious.  And that's just the nicest things I can say about them.


  1. You bet your ass it's vitriolic. It's as harsh, hostile and scathing as what Republicans have painted liberals with for several years. And there is nothing I wrote that isn't true.