Monday, March 21, 2011

Teachers should be extolled, not castigated!

Why do so many people think teachers have 8 to 12 weeks of "vacation" each year?  Do they really think teachers are taking it easy and enjoying a relaxing time away from their jobs? 

They work more than 8 hours a day, taking home work to correct, myriad reports to write, calls made or written progress reports sent to their students' parents, updating teaching plans.  During their so-called free time they schedule and take additional continuing education at personal cost (many times they are mandatory) to better serve their students. 

During the school year they deal with a dearth of school supplies which they then purchase with their own money and do not get reimbursed.  They are confronted with dilapidated buildings.  They are confronted with parents who don't care much about their kids but blame the teacher with any and all shortcomings their children display.  Teachers become caregivers when their pupils come in hungry so their teachers buy them food. Teachers have to watch out for obvious signs of abuse which has to be reported.  Teachers try to keep the kids safe during school.  They do this and so much more while maintaining a family household with all that that entails.

And they get paid, per hour, less than most people pay their babysitters!

Teachers are shaping the minds of the future of this country.  If you don't think teaching is THE MOST important job in this country, you're nuts!

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