Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello, Anonymous.......

I really chuckle when I get a comment from the ubiquitous Anonymous, the one who hides behind that moniker, never having the guts to identify him/herself. The latest comment, about my last piece, was that it was vitriolic.  Well, yes.  But none of it is untrue.  So when I point some stuff out, I apparently hit a nerve.  I'm not lying when I point out things but I am, obviously, on the other side.  I have a right to write things as I see them.  I blog because sometimes I want to vent against so many of the, yes, vitriolic rantings of the Republicans and Tea Party against ANYTHING associated with Democrats and their ideas.  When there has not been one statement by Republicans that could be construed as bipartisan or shown to be willing to work with the other side, why should I cut them any slack?  From the moment President Obama took the oath of office, the Republicans and Tea Party people have been offensive, vile, hateful, disrespectful, shown downright contempt at not only the President but his wife, as well.   Anything I say about the Republicans and Tea Party is relatively gracious in contrast.  Personally, I think Republicans and Tea Party members are not patriots or good citizens since what they really want to do is break up these UNITED STATES.

So, Anonymous, why don't you write your own blog and get this crap off your chest.  You do have that right, as do I.  But I am glad I've gotten under your skin.

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