Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Unbalanced and Unhinged, so, naturally..........

Michelle Bachmann utters the most nonsensical and false statements just about all of the time.  And naturally, she thinks she is qualified to be the POTUS.

Sarah Palin is an egotistical, money-grubbing dumb ass idiot who can't speak English correctly, can't put a coherent sentence together, has no critical thinking skills and is a quitter par excellence.  And naturally, she thinks she is qualified to be the POTUS.

Rick Santorum utters absurdities (see the John McCain quote & founding fathers quote), he is strongly ultra conservative, against same sex marriage, abortion, he has ethics issues and not  much name recognition, except in a derisive way.  So, naturally, he thinks he's qualified to be the POTUS.

Herman Cain:  who is he?  Headed Godfather's Pizza (never heard of it) and speaks ill of almost everything and everyone (see the Muslim remark), sabotaged Clinton's health care plan.  He is a Tea party favorite.  And, naturally, thinks he is qualified to be the POTUS.

Tim Pawlenty wants to screw seniors by gutting Medicare a la Paul Ryan's plan.  He is a ho hum conservative candidate with all the baggage against anything that could be labeled forward thinking who doesn't seem to spark any interest.  So, naturally he thinks he's qualified to be the POTUS.

Mitt Romney:  He passed health care reform in Massachusetts.  Now, he back peddles from that very successful program.  He thinks Obama has failed America when, in fact, the Republicans and George W. Bush in particular, screwed this country into the ground.  He is a flip flopper with a good haircut.  So, naturally he thinks he's qualified to be the POTUS.

Newt Gingrich:  Holy shit, this piece of vile work who espouses family values while flailing his penis through to a third wife while condemning the same behavior in others and expects perfect behavior from Democrats thinks he is qualified to be the POTUS???

My point is this:  The Republicans are fielding the most bizarre, over-the-edge, unintelligent,  self-serving, abnormal, freaky candidates, not one of them concerned with the welfare of the average citizen but only concerned with their corporate masters.  They are willing to yank funds from education, seniors, health care from U. S. veterans, help for weather-ravaged states, etc. in order to keep their corporate friends and lobbyists rolling in obscene amounts of money....you know, the ones who pile money into their re-election campaign war chests.   Not one of these understands how the average American lives, from paycheck to paycheck, struggling with their health care, struggling just to survive, blaming this recession on Obama instead of where the fault really belongs...on George W. Bush who turned out to be just a toady to those who manipulated his strings.

This is the best the Republicans can do?  This is the best the Republicans have?  A crew of loony, demented screwballs!

The best thing that Republicans and TP people do?  Repeat the shitty sound bites without understanding what their handlers feed them.  They can't answer legitimate questions from the public or news organizations because they can't think on their feet.  They give the same stock answers to every question no matter how it is asked.  It doesn't matter who you listen to, the words are all the same.  They are like a group of Stepford wives.  And if any one of them succeeds, the U.S. will become Pakistan, Russia or China in the wink of an eye.