Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's Time To Start a Chain of Progressive/Liberal Charter Schools

I was responding to a long comment on FaceBook by Robert Reich on the change in The New Republic which was a liberal voice and now will become a stripped down shadow of its former self, and this is what transpired.       

My comment:

Good grief my head is exploding from all the insane right wing propaganda.   I want liberal/progressive ideas shouted, screamed from the rooftops, drowning out the Right's march to stupidity, hatred and greed.  Perhaps it's time to start a chain of Progressive/Liberal charter schools across the country to make sure the upcoming generations are really well-educated so they WILL be able to drown out the nuts, the uneducated, the religious fanatics, the 18th century thinkers of the Right.  Okay, I'm off my soap box now.  But, that felt good! 

David responded by saying there is already a chain.... college.

I wrote back:

David, by college, it's too late.  We need junior high and high school kids to become passionately involved in making this country work for everyone.  We need those kids to become activists for their own future.

Paul told me to get back on my soapbox and make it so.  So I added: Paul, my soapbox is my blog where I write in order to vent.

Judy wrote:  Great idea, starting liberal and progressive charter schools.  So many entities are establishing "charter schools", many religious, so this is the time for progressives to get in on the act.

There were a few more comments on my thread and dozens more on this subject.  The upshot of this whole thing is that we, as liberals and progressives, must get much more vocal, vociferous, forceful, and active to make sure people understand the tremendous harm, immorality, iniquity and evil the Republican Party has and will continue to inflict on the majority of citizens of this country.

I like the idea of Progressive/Liberal charter schools.   The crazies have their schools.  The intelligent, forward-thinking, educated people should have theirs.    This is really a war for the future of this country.   What do you think?

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