Monday, April 12, 2010


How come so many who run for public office use the SAME lines when interviewed by reporters?  Lines like:

"I will lead the fight to create jobs."  (All the others are cringing on the sidelines?)

"We need specific solutions..."  (All the other candidates offer none?)

"I am the only candidate who has experience in ......." (All the other candidates are running on their good looks?) 

"I have a lifetime of experience in......"  (All the other candidates decided to run because they have NO experience?)

"I will secure the border."  (Good luck with that one.) 

"I will create an environment to generate jobs..."  (They all say that)

"I will rebuild the economy by cutting taxes...."  (By throwing education, the infirm, the children and the elderly under the bus.)

Ah, the political rhetoric of mealy-mouthed politicians!

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