Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Political Idiots, Part 3

If the not-so-bright  governor of this state signs Senate bill 1070, the police and sheriff's departments will have a field day.  So, if you are an American-born, United States citizen who is Latino or you are a legal immigrant (Latino) here in Arizona you are going to have to carry either your birth certificate, your green card, an alien registration card or any other identifying papers with you at all times because sure as hell you will be stopped by police "if reasonable suspicion exists that the person is in the U.S. illegally."  This is the state where the ubiquitous Sheriff Arpaio, sends out his minions of officers to round up the illegals.  And those roundups sometimes include U.S. citizens who get treated as badly as the real illegals UNTIL they can prove who they are.

It is true that Arizona has more than its share of illegal immigrants crossing into the state from Mexico.  But racial profiling will now be taken to new heights if this bill passes. This isn't the answer.  People are desperate to work here in order to make some money, at jobs U.S. citizens do not take, so they can provide for their families.

What really needs to be done is find a way to get Mexico to address the deplorable work  and living conditions in that country so people won't need to come here for jobs.

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