Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My head is spinning from the garbage that is Arizona politics and politicians.  It is beyond comprehension that the AZ legislature passes the "birther" bill requiring the AZ Sec. of State to certify the US citizenship of presidential candidates.

Now comes the immigration bill which would make illegal immigration a STATE crime.  It is the responsibility of the federal government to secure the borders.  This bill will force local law enforcement to spend most of their time looking for illegal yard workers and cooks instead of murderers and rapists.  If they don't, anyone can sue them for not doing their job of rounding up the "illegals."  That is part of this creepy bill.  This state is heading into apartheid territory.  White-skinned, blond, blue-eyed people need not be afraid.

Then there is the gun bill, passed and signed.  Anyone can buy a gun without a permit and there is no provision for requiring a class to learn how to SAFELY use the fr*%^*g thing.

And now there is a proposal, by Republicans, to gut the "Clean Elections" law.  The system reduces the incidence of big money interests. The system provides money to candidates who collect $5 contributions from taxpayers who then qualify for the money.  That money comes from traffic and criminal fine surcharges.  Why keep the big money from buying the best politicians money can buy???

All of these bills have been strongly backed by Republicans and virtually no Democrats.  Hatred and Viciousness have these people by the necks and have sunk their teeth into their brains.

Meanwhile.................ah but that's for another time.

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