Monday, April 19, 2010


It's amazing how so many people stick their noses in places where they just don't belong. And it's amazing that these people think that what they have to say about (a lot) of things should have everyone at rapt attention.  These people must think that the words dripping from their mouths are the most intelligent, informative and persuasive about whatever subject they are speaking to.  In reality, they are just pontificating, expressing their views in an annoyingly pompous way.

So, why do politicians like Mitt Romney travel around and endorse candidates from other states?  Does anyone give a fig who these people endorse? Does an endorsement mean anything nowadays?   Do these people think their endorsements will really help?  No, its for payback down the road should any of these candidates win.  Ah, the greased hand.

To these greased hands politicians (there are so many of them):  Go back where you came from, study the issues of your own state, keep your hand out of the till, understand that you did not have a crown placed on your head and remember that you work FOR the people.  And if you do not currently have a job, dust off your resume like everyone else and go find one.  Practice these words: "You want fries with that?"

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