Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last time I checked, President Obama, by education and profession, is/was an attorney/constitutional law professor/community activist/politician.  Nowhere in his biography do I read anything about him having a degree in chemistry, physics, oil engineering or the like.

So why is the public turning on him, in particular, for not stopping the spewing of oil in the Gulf?  He does not have the expertise to single-handedly bring it to an end.  And apparently, those who should have the knowledge and expertise, can't do it either.

Arguably, he is in the seat where the buck is supposed to stop.  And, I have no doubt, President Obama is consulting with everyone who knows or should know how to rein in this horrible situation.  He is not sitting idly by hoping this will resolve itself.  And he's not telling anyone associated with this disaster that "they are doing a heck of a job."

So, all you public motormouths out there blaming him for not being God, you don't know what is going on out of the media's eyes, you don't know what other things are being investigated, you (most of you) don't have degrees in oil engineering.  Stop shooting off your mouths and placing the blame where it doesn't belong.  Look to that oil company, BP, to place the ENTIRE blame, go after them and all those who are on their side (some are Republican politicians) and try to react with intelligence and common sense instead of stupid, uninformed gut reactions.

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