Thursday, June 3, 2010


Once again the world has stomped its feet on the face of Israel with the false allegation that Israel was the aggressor against a defenseless humanitarian flotilla.  In reality, the flotilla was a calculated attack by Hamas to provoke Israel into the action she took.  Hamas' action was designed to break the blockade, cause the confrontation, make it look as if Israel attacked a defenseless group of humanitarians.

Israel bends over backwards to make sure tons and tons of food and supplies reach the people in the Gaza Strip.  The naval blockade is necessary for the safety and survival of Israel.

This confrontation is the sole fault and responsibility of the flotilla organizers.  It's just astounding that the world blames Israel for everything and cannot see craziness perpetuated by Israel's enemies, whose sole purpose is to annihilate the State of Israel off the face of the earth.

Why does the world back the insanity, viciousness and violence of the Arab world?  Until those condemning Israel see and experience the danger that is Hamas and the rest of the Arab world, they will never understand that Israel must survive and continue to flourish.

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