Thursday, June 24, 2010


What is wrong with comprehensive immigration reform?  Why is no one connected with Arizona government talking about it?  That includes the state legislators, the non-elected governor, our Congressional representatives and the 2 senators, especially the one who wants to build the "danged fence."  That fence....reminiscent of East Berlin?

The enforcement-only mentality here is overwhelming.  That's probably because most of those listed above think that the majority of illegal immigrants are here to bring drugs, to extort people and terrorize families, populate drop houses and such.  This is a lie that has legs. 

Never mind that the majority of illegal immigrants are here to work, that many came on legal work visas and just never left.  The majority of them are here for a better life, not for any nefarious reason.

Why not consider, really consider a way for those illegally here who work hard, actually pay taxes through sales taxes or social security taxes if they have a fake card (money which they will never get back) to qualify for residency by satisfying certain qualifications.  It may take a few years but if they knew they could eventually become legal without the horrific fear of being kicked out of the country they have resided in, most if not all would gladly do so to stay in the country that has enabled them to be gainfully employed, make a living, provide for their families and contribute to the rich heritage that is the United States.

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