Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm just sayin'

"Indian Couple Electrocuted By Bride's Family for Marrying Out of Caste"
 "New Mexico Congressional Candidate Wants Landmines Along the US-Mexico Border"
"Dead Heiress Leaves Massive Fortune to Her DOGS"
"Ex-Congressman..Prayed Multiple Times a Day, Sang Hymns, Yet Still Had Affair with Staffer"
"GOP Congressional Candidate Floats Oil Spill Conspiracy Theory--Maybe They Wanted It to Leak"
"Diane Kruger Almost Suffocated by Super Tight Dress"

Just reading HEADLINES can make one dizzy, burst out laughing, scratch one's head in wonder, cluck tongues at the absurdity or horrifying aspect of words meant to capture attention.

The headlines above are just a few I've come across in the last day or two.  They just about clear up the mystery of what is taught in creative writing classes!

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