Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Once again the adage comes true: You travel to see family when there is a wedding or a funeral.....never just to visit. This time it was for an unveiling of the gravestone of a beloved uncle. Family came in from Arizona, Denver, Chicago, Florida, New York and New Jersey. It was a bittersweet trip but we had the chance to really visit with family we rarely get to see.

And along the way we got to fall in love with two wonderful 13 year olds, twins, a boy and a girl, who are secure enough in their own skins to be easy to talk to, were so gracious, funny, smart and conversed easily with all the adults. How cool is that???

But the point of the visit was never very far away from our thoughts. How do you say goodbye to someone you loved and then leave those who are left behind. This country gets even bigger when you have to fly to such occasions.

Living far away from family sucks.

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