Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am having a rather good time watching the Republican party implode. The screamers spitting out the lies they have been fed look and sound like deranged lemmings after sniffing crack. And they don't realize their handlers are raking in huge sums of money for giving them the lying talking points to yell about.

What I'm not happy about is how easily led so many people are, led by despicable and ruthless Republican politicians and handlers toward an abyss of lies, invention and misinformation, in an effort to mislead the vulnerable, the elderly and the simple to believe their government wants to knock off grandma and grandpa, among other stupid-ass ideas. They yell about "wanting my America back." What they rally mean is they want their WHITE America back.

If this isn't blatant and shameless racism, I don't know what is. I would not be surprised if the Republicans start handing out the white sheets. And when they do the last nail goes into the coffin.

Does this sound harsh? It's what I'm seeing and hearing on TV, and reading all over the Internet. I don't have to embellish this stuff. The wing nuts are prancing front and center. But I still believe the saner and more intelligent heads will prevail and eventually those who are moderate, thoughtful and concerned about the country and not just themselves will overcome the sideshow .

God, let's hope so.

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