Friday, August 28, 2009


The RNC is now inferring that Democrats will use health care reform to deny Republicans medical treatment. And Mike Huckabee suggests that Senator Kennedy would have been urged to "go home and die" under health care reform. And "death panels" to knock off the elderly. And "I don't want government to run health care but keep your *&^ hands off my Medicare."

I think the Republican ultra-conservative wing nuts and all their followers have taken stupidity as their major class. It is beyond comprehension that the words uttered by these idiots are taken seriously by anyone who isn't comatose.

In 2000, intellectual integrity fled the White House only to be replaced by stupidity, muddling up of facts, greed, craziness and downright maliciousness. Yes, I could go on but you get the idea. So for eight years the country was brainwashed with the fallout of all that crap.

Now, we have an intellectual in the White House who has the capacity to actually think things through and present solutions for debate to the American people in a rational, open and respectful manner and the Republicans stamp their feet, cry and whine and distort with complete silliness everything they do not agree with.

The Republicans have not offered any solutions to any of the problems facing the country. They have no idea how to fix the mess they got this country into and they refuse to accept any responsibility for the mess.

They are the dumbing down of America. And I watch with baited breath as they continue to talk themselves deeper into the black hole of hell with each ensuing bit of idiocy.

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