Sunday, August 23, 2009


Health care for all. Certainly an idea whose time is long overdue. I paid the bills as an office manager in a law firm. I cringed every time the health insurance bill came in. And I literally sweated bullets every September when our 'new' year started and the health insurance bill arrived with its rise in rates and the wonderful booklet telling me what would no longer be covered.

As we got older, our premiums shot through the roof even though not one person in the firm ever was unhealthy enough to need a doctor except for the annual exams everyone goes through.

I always thought that if we had taken the premium amounts and invested them in CD's, we would have amassed, over the years, enough money to pay for catastrophic incidents, should that ever happen.

As it is now, health insurance companies decide the exams, procedures and doctors you may have or go to. That's practicing medicine without a license and, frankly, that's a felony. How do we let them get away with this?

Screw the insurance companies. Wouldn't it be fun if everyone in the country filed a lawsuit alleging that they ARE practicing medicine without a license and watch them melt down trying to answer ALL those cases????

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