Monday, August 31, 2009


I am a New England sports fan: a boisterous fan (UCONN women's and men's basketball), a hapless fan (pre-2004 Red Sox), an exuberant fan (2004 to the present and a proud member of Red Sox Nation, always was), a loyal fan (Celtics and Patriots)...Bruins (not so much.)

And, now I have added teams from my adopted state so I am also a Diamondbacks fan, a Cardinals fan, a Phoenix Mercury fan and an Arizona State University football and basketball fan.

It's like having kids. Your heart expands when you keep adding to the mix.

However, I am the HUGEST fan of all of my two sons. One is a renowned photojournalist and one is a talented post-production audio engineer/guitarist. They have chosen professions in which they excel and which they love dearly. Years ago, when discussing what they might be doing as adults, the advice from us was that they should do something they really, really love. Holy mackeral, they took the advice!

Sometimes we think they succeeded despite our best intentions but seriously, we could not be prouder, not only of their accomplishments but of the way they conduct their lives, with honesty and integrity, lots of good humor, intelligence, caring and all the wonderful adjectives I could string along for the next several lines.

I see in these two wonderful guys (and many of their friends) a generation who will take care of the earth and all that is in it. And I know that they will make the world a better place. So I continue to lead the cheers for the guys because it's what I do best!!!!

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