Monday, September 21, 2009


To the whiners, ravers, and screamers:

1. If you have a job with benefits: What will you do if and when you are let go because your job is being outsourced overseas? Can you pay the COBRA without getting a paycheck? (Love your health insurance company?) COBRA means having to pay 100%.

2. Have you made the decision about where your kids will live and with whom should you get hit by a catastrophic life-ending disease? What if you are in a vegetative state before making such a decision? (Remember 'End of life discussion'?)

3. If you do come down with a major health problem, how sure are you that your health insurance company will pay all your bills (after you pay the huge deductible?) And how sure are you that your insurance will not be rescinded because "the problem was probably there before and you did not reveal it?"

4. If you have a health problem why is it that your doctor may prescribe what he/she thinks is the most effective medication to help you but some pencil pusher at your health insurance company denies coverage because it costs more than the ineffective one the company will pay for?

5. Why do you allow the health insurance company to deny payment for services you need based on their bottom line?

6. Why aren't you allowed to shop around for a better deal than the crap you're straddled with now without going bankrupt?

7. Why are the health insurance companies afraid of competition? I'll answer that one. Because competition would insure that their grossly huge profits would go down and the *&^ CEO would have to get by on several million dollars less than what HE takes home now.

8. If you lose your job and you cannot make your mortgage payments, do you expect your bank to understand and quickly help you to refinance to a lower rate? Not happening.

9. So, if you end up on the street, you become like so many others who have lost the jobs, health care and pride. Are you still going to shout "Get a job. I don't want to have to pay for your health care." You are now one of them.

10. If you are a senior citizen on Medicare, are you still going to protest against a public option? You are using the public option granted to seniors. Are you going to get rid of your Medicare to be true to your crazy rhetoric?

11. Do you like going through hoops trying to get your medications paid for when your health insurance company keeps denying payment?

Keep screaming, whack jobs. With a little bit of luck you'll get just what you deserve.

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