Sunday, September 6, 2009


When I contemplated the upcoming surgery to my eye, I had the most awful pictures of what that involved creeping into my mind. Partial anesthesia administered with a needle, scalpel and/or needle coming in contact with the eyeball........yuck and ugh! The idea was provoking hyperventilation and high anxiety. But surgery was my only option if I wanted to keep my sight in that eye and it had to be done now.

So, ready to kick, flail and scream my way through this, I proceeded. I was gently anesthetized so that I was feeling nothing but was able to respond to questions and hear what was being said. My head was draped, it got very dark and I closed my eyes and waited. That is, I was sure I closed my eyes, both of them. But as the doctor performed his magic, and told me he was taking off a rather large amount of scar tissue, I wondered how he was doing that since I was sure I had BOTH eyes shut, tightly. Within a short while, the surgery was complete.

I was totally and completely astonished at what transpired which was not at all what I had anticipated. I saw nothing and I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing! I had no pain at all and have not experienced any since.

Relief is an understatement. Grateful for the skill of a brilliant surgeon, unending. And indebted to a GOVERNMENT-PAID HEALTH CARE PLAN. It works and everyone should have the option!

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