Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The insurance companies are the ones who dictate care when they won’t pay for certain things. You need rehabilitation services? Naw, you only get to have a consult paid. That's it. You pay exorbitant monthly premiums and for what? Whatever the insurance company deems necessary, not your doctor, not your ailment, not your circumstances. How can they make such decisions, based on what?

And those idiots who don’t want health reform? They are happy with their own because they haven’t had a reason to use it. But let them come down with something where they need to be hospitalized or need an emergency room or doctor’s attention and then they’ll scream when they have to pay for stuff out of their own pocket. Send in the little insurance paper and watch it come back stamped DENIED.

Just pay the premiums and forget about the policy. When it comes time to pay, well you didn’t read the fine print, did you? These insurers have a terrific scam going. It’s no wonder they’re pouring millions into making sure you don’t have a choice.

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