Thursday, September 10, 2009


Unfortunately, I get a lot of forwarded emails that appear to be warnings of dire consequences, political claptrap, self-serving nonsense, and vile untruths regarding mostly Democrats, President Obama, computer viruses and other nonsense. They are usually loaded with lies surrounded by a few half-truths or sentences taken totally out of context.

I can spot these before my eyes blink. I inevitably go to sources I trust to double check on the veracity of these diatribes. And when I am certain as to the factuality of the email, I then let the sender know, in no uncertain terms, how gullible he/she is, and how intellectually dishonest it is to forward emails without checking to see if they are true.

I normally have a very intelligent email list but there are some who either have a trigger finger on the mouse or just blindly forward everything they get whether or not it's true. That's lazy and inexcusable. It perpetuates the falsities and serves to bolster the crazies who originate this crap.

It's time to get some self respect by not forwarding malicious, incendiary, and untrue emails just because they are there or just because you're too lazy to check them yourselves. Get a backbone and stop the whackjobs from spreading lies because if you don't, you become one of them.


  1. I love everything you write. If you were an Atheist, we would be the same person! Have you read anything on the subject?

  2. Boy, I had to go back quite a bit to find this blog subject. Glad you like my writing and my thoughts. I haven't read up a lot about Atheism but I think it has its merits. I think religious or non-religious belief is a very personal matter & not a subject I discuss lightly, often or with just anyone. I wish everyone would just keep it personal and private.

    Thank you for your comments. Keep them coming!