Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am upset at what happened this morning. We were walking our dogs in the neighborhood, my husband with one several feet in front of me with our other dog. A large pickup truck was coming down the street toward us with 2 large bulldogs in the flatbed part of the truck. One took a look at our dog in front and jumped out of the truck. Only he was leashed inside the truck and ended up being dragged.

I screamed for them to stop the truck which they eventually did. But during the time of the jump and the stop of the truck, all I could envision was that bulldog going under the HUGE rear tire and being squashed like a bug.

The man in the passenger side of the truck got out, looked at the fallen dog, shook his head, picked him up like a sack of potatoes and heaved (as in flung or threw) the dog back into the truck bed.

I was livid. He never checked the dog to see if he was hurt, never did anything to comfort him, just threw him back. And in the cab of the truck there were at least 2 more dogs. I yelled at the guy, questioning how he could do that. They just drove away. How do you leash a dog in a bed of a truck with a leash that is too long, long enough for the dog to take a flying leap out of the truck? How can one be so stupid?

This episode really shook me up. I just don't understand how people can treat animals with so little compassion. I would hope the dog turns on him someday but the creep would probably kick the sh^* out of him. People like that should not have dogs or any animals.

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