Saturday, September 12, 2009


In the past week it has been proven beyond a doubt that many parents of school-age children failed miserably: failed in school, failed as parents and are failing at life in general.

Failed in school: Obviously never paid attention in class, didn't finish homework either on time or ever, didn't respect teachers, used disruptive behavior in class, thought every subject was boring and never gave a thought as to how this all would affect their futures.

Fast forward to failed as parents: Many became parents because "sex is fun" and, oops, had a kid because they were not bright enough to take precautions. Nevertheless, parents they are. And school is where they send the kids: 1) to get them out of the house, 2) because they are mandated to educate them and 3) to let the teachers raise the kids for 7 hours a day. These are the same parents who don't attend PTA meetings but scream, when the kid gets an 'F' for not finishing homework and being disrespectful and disruptive in class. And these are the same parents who wanted to "protect" their kids from our President even though they knew the speech was about staying in school, doing your homework, value your education so you can amount to something and be of service to your country.

What moronic idiot wouldn't want those things instilled in a young person's mind? The President's speech was benign, intelligent and uplifting. But the nincompoops who didn't allow their kids to listen just added to the ever increasing"dumbness" of many in this country and we all know which side of the aisle they are on. These children will become the nincompoops of the future thus insuring that their parents will indeed, have failed at life.

Thank goodness, there are those parents who think that schooling is a good thing, who encourage their kids to do well in school, to think critically, to respect their teachers and to value education....for these are the kids who will find the cures, clean the air, save the earth and be the peacekeepers. I'm hoping their numbers grow.

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