Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why I've been quiet...

I haven't written a blog post for several months because my mind has been engaged in more serious matters.  Without going into specifics, I've become a 'helper', putting my heart, my soul and my mind into it with the hope that this road I'm on will lead to a happy destination.

As a result, I've tried to limit the attention I used to pay to the horrible things trump and his minions have done, are doing and will do to destroy the United States and all she has stood for.  I keep up with the 'news' quickly and fleetingly and then my attention is quickly diverted to more important, immediate things.

It's a fine line I walk right now but one I willingly traverse and am totally committed to seeing it through to it's happy conclusion.

Life doesn't always go the way you plan or expect it to. But you always have a choice about how you view the circumstances that are dealt to you.  I choose to have an absolutely positive, uncompromising and confident attitude that I know, without a doubt, will bring the desired outcome.  And when that time comes, and it will, I won't have to write about it. You will hear me shouting my joy and happiness as if I was standing right next to you.

I'll be back to this space from time to time.  Writing here affords me some quiet and reflective time. That's something we all need.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nightmares - Trump style

Nightmares are a funny thing. I don't mean in a "giggle" kind of way.  Nightmares can be terrifying. In my lifetime, I've had a few and they occurred when I was an adult. None of them lasted long enough for me to remember them with any clarity.

However, in the last few weeks I've had recurring nightmares about Trump. Each time I've had one, it lasted much more than a fleeting few seconds, more like a few hours. And it caused me to actually wake up, get out of bed and walk around the house to try to calm down. I would venture to say that I'm not the only one experiencing this.

Donald Trump is, indeed, a nightmare. He has the vocabulary of a three year old, the attention span of a flea, the vindictiveness of Idi Amin, the traits of Adolph Hitler, and the 'sophistication' of a gutter rat.  He exhibits no intellect, no compassion, no humaneness, no understanding of the Constitution or the laws of the United States.

He only understands MONEY.  He claims he knows lots of words but MONEY is the only one he cares about.  His 'brain' cannot accept reality so he lives in his own lying world of deceptiveness, double dealing and hypocrisy.

He's appointed people to his Cabinet who have no experience for the positions or who have nothing but disdain for those departments. They will decimate every Cabinet department to the point where they will be useless. Republican vengeance against all the Democrats have accomplished will render this country ineffectual and akin to a third world country where women, LBGTQ, the poor and working class, Blacks, Latinos, the disabled and non-Christians are relegated to second, third or fourth class status.

Trump's presidency will be riddled with corruption, idiocy, and reprisal against his perceived enemies. He's already labeled those who voted against him as his enemies.

What could go wrong with a great country being led by a racist, misogynistic, bigoted, wage-stiffing, intellectually-deficient, money-grubbing, pussy-grabbing, thin-skinned business failure who would rather whine like a brat while he Tweets!

So, do I have reason to have these nightmares?

Friday, December 9, 2016

I could turn myself inside out.........

With all the crazy things going on in this country I could turn myself inside out with anguish, frustration, irritation, disappointment, etc.  Instead, I'm going to take a step back and watch while the morons in Congress (mostly the GOP) continue to show their incredible stupidity, brainlessness, idiocy, ineptitude, and lunacy and hope that they all sink in a huge lake of their own poop, waste, refuse, detritus, scum, trash, dregs and dross.

If I could just understand how those who say they're conservative and are looking for government to be kept out of our lives reconcile the Republican stance on transvaginal probes into a woman's vagina, pushing a Christian religious agenda that seems totally contrary to their so-called Christian values and faith in a country that is supposed to be free from one religion being established through legislation, denying voting rights to so many who have legally voted for decades, shoving millions of dollars into corporation coffers while pulling tons of money from the mouths of children.

Now that the least qualified individual ever to run for the highest political office of this country rigged the election so he could be president, the more than 65 million of us who didn't vote for him but gave our love and vote to oh-so-qualified Hillary Clinton will now have to stand back and watch this racist, bigoted, misogynistic egomaniac ruin the country with his inability to understand what the job entails, his fascist tendencies, his illusions of being 'king', his stacking his cabinet with people who have no experience and actually dislike the departments they're supposed to head. Ah, but they have donated to his foundation or otherwise sent money his way so Cabinet jobs can be bought.  I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to use the US Treasury as his personal bank. Donald J. Trump is the sleaziest, most corrupt, uneducated, two-faced, profiteering mercenary ever to run and win the office.

His avarice, stinginess and unscrupulousness is legion.  So, as I watch what will unfold, I cry inwardly for the damage he will do to the people who are not rich, White and mostly male. We will become a third class country, the laughingstock of the world, and so many of the people who voted for him will watch in horror as he goes back on every promise he made to them and screws them out of their Social Security, Medicare, health insurance, voting rights, and a whole host of other rights they thought were guaranteed by the Constitution.

My fervent wish is that Trump is in for only one term OR less and that his whole Cabinet and everyone around him gets prosecuted for massive wrongdoing as soon as possible.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Jared Kushner

Dear Jared Kushner:

I read your letter stating that your father-in-law, Donald Trump, is not anti-semitic or a racist. You are wrong. You see him from a very narrow perspective.  You see him as your wife's father, your kids' grandfather and the guy who came to your wedding.  And when he looks at you he sees a rich, White, good looking individual who happens to be a Jew so you're good with money.  You fit into his compartments nicely.

What the world sees, however, is an extremely boorish, loudmouth who denigrates so many different types of people including, of course, Jews. And he has surrounded himself with people who are obviously anti-semitic. There is no denying that.

Your family background is gripping but that doesn't make you an expert on who is or is not an anti-semite.  Words matter. Actions matter. Decisions matter. Acquiescence in the face of blatant anti-semitism is hard to ignore. That's what you seem to be doing.  You describe him as  being loving and tolerant. Where was his tolerance for a disabled reporter? Or for people who genuinely disagreed with him?  Yes, he is tolerant, for those who decry the Jewish people, Blacks, women, feminists, Latinos, Muslims, Gold Star families.

There are many questionable qualities your father-in-law has and concern for others is not one of them. He is not humane, except for his own tight little family. Anti-semitic? Yes. He has appointed the vilest of people to be in his inner circle. Anti-semitic is just one of the horrendous qualities he has displayed.  Open your eyes. He is not who you think you see. And the world knows and understands this.

This is the article I was responding to:

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I am done, for now!

Okay, I'm done with the whole crappy mess.  The damage is done. And it is damage. The Republicans tore our country apart, piece by piece. They're very good at it. And if you think I'm being partisan here, I don't give a crap.  They went LOW.  No matter how you feel on each side, there is no doubt that the Republican mind is filled with racist, bigoted, misogynistic, convoluted thinking that hatred of Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, the growing LBGTQ community, Jews, women, the old and infirm is normal. Why else would the vitriolic epithets hurled at all these groups come so readily to the lips of so many GOP (read 'Trump') supporters?

If you think we should give the guy a chance, I'm not anywhere near ready. Again, the damage has been done. The outright lies, the obvious lack of intelligence, the stirring up of hatred, the complete putdown of so many, the snide remarks resulting in his opponent being marked for physical jeopardy (don't think that wasn't meant), the secretiveness, the refusal to show his tax returns, the myriad of lawsuits, his vile language and actions with and toward women. Vilifying your opponent with lies (and she has been vilified for decades because she is a woman) just cements the pettiness and viciousness with which Trump will always be known.  He is a piece of work and it's not good.

Both candidates have flaws. But some flaws are WAY OVER THE TOP.  When you run for the highest office in the land, you don't go for the miserly, boorish, garish, uneducated, least ever qualified or fit for the job, who thinks it's okay to stiff people who work for you and bankruptcies are good business practice as long as he doesn't lose any money.  You go for the most qualified, educated, intelligent person who has a proven dedicated life of service to so many others; who has a wealth of experience dealing with those who were across the aisle in Congress, world leaders and whose foundation has helped millions around the world.

Planning to dismantle all the good that President Obama accomplished during eight years of the most vitriolic assaults on his (and his whole family's) character while stifling his ability to  move this country toward a more humane and good world, is the proof that the GOP doesn't give a damn about most Americans, only their religious, bigoted and uneducated agenda and their desire to take away so many rights that Americans hold dear.

I don't tolerate unbelievable stupidity well at all. The next four years will be filled with that, I fear. An ignoramus doesn't become a genius. Trump will remain what he is: a self-centered, power-grabbing, money-grubbing zhlob (isn't Yiddish terrific?) surrounded by people (mostly men) who have designs to make this country what it was back when White men were the only ones who mattered.  This does not bode well for so many and I cry when I anticipate the damage that will be done.

But, it is what it is. I will do whatever I am able to do to combat the stupidity and hatefulness by speaking out or writing about it or signing petitions or whatever I can do. I am encouraged by all the people who want something better for this country than what will be offered for the next four years. And no matter how much damage the Republicans will inflict on us, it will be undone in years to come.